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The Plant

Pilot Plant - 3 metric ton / month

Mineral Resource Development (PTY) LTD (MRD) designed the pilot plant after our process was verified and the relevant confidentiality and heads of agreement were signed. MRD will also be in charge of the operational side of the plant and has a 5% profit share agreement with SATi. See attached profile on MRD. The pilot plant was designed with low human interference in mind and is virtually fully automated. All the control inputs and process readings are digital and fully computerised. The plant management system will be able to log more than 10 000 process readings per second.

This is important as to further fine-tune the process to achieve maximum output at the lowest production cost possible.

Full Production Plant - 500 metric ton / month

The full production plant has been designed in principle but key element designs will be dependant on the data acquired from the pilot plant. The same attitude as to low human intervention has been applied in the design.